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Joseph Galante

Account Manager

There are Title Reps and then there are Title Professionals; there are Business Developers and there are Account Managers, let me distinguish by telling you how I run my business.
My name is Joe Galante and I am a Title Professional that Manages every one of my accounts personally, with efficiency, innovation, attention to detail, availability and passion.
My business motto is simple: Do you want ideas and solutions, or trinkets? I hope the former and not the latter. As a Title Professional, who Manages every account personally, I can assure you a couple things when working with me: You will always be provided beneficial ideas to expand your business; Your business will always be handled with efficiency and a level of attention that you treat your business with; You will rarely get my voicemail and if you do you will be promptly called back; and finally, You will NEVER be asked to call a customer service line, because I work for my business!
I am not a Business Developer, because that to me infers I go into your office and pass out trinkets with the hope that somewhere down the line (maybe 30 years from now) I will have the privilege of doing business with you. I am a partner to your business, and one facet to a successful real estate team! Your success, is my success...
Let's travel the hills and valleys of the real estate market together! Call me, text me, email me day, night or weekend!

Areas of Expertise:

Residential Resale


Escrow and Closing

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Customer Testimonials